Up until now, the drying of paints was extremely energy-intensive, little to none environmentally friendly and very costly. Today, refinishers need a significantly more efficient solution. And we have exactly that!

The Ionitec Aton drying arches reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, hereby sparing resources and minimising costs. This makes the Ionitec Aton drying technology absolutely ready for the future. 

The practical experiences show that most of the technologies used up until now, rarely allowed for a targeted and energy efficient drying. Ionitec Aton now solves this problem through the innovative and moder control and heating technology. Example? With 25 liters of liquid gas, up to 80 paint jobs can be dried. 


Thanks to the excellent efficiency, Ionitec Aton conserves and protects our planets resources as well as the bodyshop owners’ wallet – during the the operation of the system as well as when the investing. How so you ask? The Ionitec Aton needs much less space to be installed, at the same time as leading to an increased throughput, thereby increasing  the capacity of the bodyshop considerably without structural extensions. This obviously makes the Ionitec Aton drying system very interesting to bodyshop owners dreading lengthy autorisation procedures when wanting to extend the exterior of their business.



Ionitec Aton vs. Conventional Drying

in minutes

Times are getting tougher. The growing competition and the increasing pressure on the hourly rates will worsen the situations for body shops. The solution to these issues can only be found through an optimisation of the processes and a reduction of costs. Whoever manages to reduce drying times thus optimising the cabin occupancy will end up with the competitive advantage. Ionitec Aton helps you set new standards. The modern technology increases the throughput of the bodyshop – without additional investment in the staff or in the outlay of the business. Improved productivity with optimally calculated hourly rates secures the future of your company:

Get there faster:

  • optimal integration in processes
  • further your process optimisation
  • increased throughput/ shorter standing times
  • reduction of the idle times
  • shortened cooling phase
  • effective workforce
  • earlier final assembly

Due to the quick drying, Ionitec Aton allows for the highest degree of quality. Leading abrasive manufacturers confirm that the system ensures optimum sanding properties leading to a fast and easy sanding process. Because of the better and quicker through drying period, further working procedures are shortened. All of this leads to an end result, comparable to an OEM surface, enabling an immediate finishing process. 

View this video to see how the Ionitec Aton Drying arch is used by the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team

Due to the energy saving technology, the drying arch from Ionitec Aton was awarded the Greendirecory Award at the Automechanika 2014.

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With the Ionitec Aton drying system, we were able to increase the productivity, as we managed to increase the amount of jobs per day from five to eight. And all of that with a better quality!
With the Ionitec Aton drying system, we were able to increase the productivity, as we managed to increase the amount of jobs per day from five to eight. And all of that with a better quality!Urs Boss, Carrosserie G&G