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IONITEC International stands for innovative products for industrial and automotive body shops. Above all, our aim is to increase the productivity and efficiency in these working fields. To achieve this, we offer products and services that aim at optimising all processes within the bodyshop thereby maximising our customers’ profit. After all, only this way our customers future is secured, giving us more secured future as well.

Customer Opinions

We let our customers do the talking

“In the painting process we noticed a better penetration into pits and less dirt inclusions. Also, a material saving has been registered. A short term return to the conventional method made it clear, how the painters had already adapted to changes in air pressure with the corresponding advantages and did not want to work without the airmatic anymore.”

Magna Electronics Europe GmbH & Co.KG
Magna Electronics Europe GmbH & Co.KG

„With the Ionitec Aton drying system, we were able to increase the productivity, as we managed to increase the amount of jobs per day from five to eight. And all of that with a better quality!” 

Urs Boss
Urs BossOwner Carrosserie G&Gwww.gugag.ch

“Working is a lot calmer and more relaxed, despite finishing substantially more jobs. The elimination of shunting has an extremely positive effect.”

Andreas Hermann
Andreas HermannOwner Auto Hermannwww.auto-hermann.de

„With the Ionitec Drying system I was able to reduce the gas consumption inside the cabin within one year from CHF 20’000 to less than CHF 2’000″. 

Roger Steimann
Roger SteimannOwner CS Steimannwww.cs-zueri.ch

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